Ranking Hollywood’s 9/11 truthers

  1. Marion Cotillard

I think we’re lied to about a number of things. There was a tower, I believe it was in Spain, which burned for 24 hours. It never collapsed.”

  1. Spike Lee

I mean, I got questions. And I hope that maybe the legacy of this documentary is that Congress holds a hearing, a congressional hearing about 9/11.”

  1. Charlie Sheen

I saw the south tower hit live, that famous wide shot where it disappears behind the building and then we see the tremendous fireball. And there was just — there was a feeling that it just didn’t look, how do I say this, it didn’t look like any commercial jetliner I’ve flown on any time in my life. And then when the buildings came down, later on that day, I was with my brother and I said, Hey, call me insane, but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a — in a controlled demolition?’”

  1. Martin Sheen

There are obviously a lot of unanswered questions, let me leave it that way, that are very, very disturbing. The key to that is Building 7 and how that came down under very, very suspicious circumstances.”

  1. Ed Asner

My bottom line on all of this is that this country — which is the greatest, strongest country that ever existed in the world, in terms of power — supposedly had a defense that could not be penetrated all these years. But all of that was eradicated by nineteen Saudi Arabians, supposedly. Some of whom didn’t even know how to fly.”

  1. Mark Ruffalo

I saw the way they all came down. And I’m baffled. My first reaction was, buildings don’t fall down like that.’ I’ve done quite a bit of my own research … The fact that the 9/11 investigation went from the moment the planes hit to the moment the buildings fell, and nothing before or after, I think, makes that investigation completely illegitimate.”

  1. David Lynch

As far as 9/11 goes there’s things we saw that conjure questions and wondering and something doesn’t seem quite right so it makes us wonder and the next step is we need answers.”

  1. Alec Baldwin

Do you think Bin Laden was behind 9-11?”

August 26, 2021

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